PT.ACKIRA CIRA PERKASA as company having provide in wide range of product supplies, engineering and construction for oil, gas and petrochemical industry in Indonesia.

PT.ACKIRA CIRA PERKASA is staffed with fully experience people and have deeply committed to business. Quality, work safety, dependability and responsibility are they ingredient most in our mind.

PT.ACKIRA CIRA PERKASA is organized with experience peoples, we are fully dedicated in the business. All staff has experience in multi discipline i.e structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.

PT.ACKIRA CIRA PERKASA in fabrication and construction project which covered by our workshop with facility such lathe machine, hydraulic dishing plate machine, hydraulic plate bending machine, boring machine, etc.

PT. ACKIRA CIRA PERKASA has specialized on:

Mechanical work:

1. Pipe Line (Steel Pipe, HDPE pipe, FRP Pipe)
2. Fabrication and Repair of Pressure Vessel
3. Fabrication and Erection of Steel Construction
4. Setting for Production machine
5. Fabrication of Portacamp

Electrical work:

1. Design of Electrical System
2. Design of Control System
3. Panel fabrication and assembly
4. Controller (microcontroller, PLC and PC) programming
5. Installation of Electrical System
6. Setup and Installation of Control System

We trust you will find the enclose documentation of interest and we would be pleased to assist with any additional information that you may require.